Joule Studios


Who We Are.



We believe in a world in which every single person is empowered to go after their biggest, scariest, wildest dreams. They understand their strengths and talents, and share them with the world.  They are living a life they love and living it powerfully and fully expressed.

Joule Studios is not a normal agency that simply produces pretty pictures and catchy videos. Our mission is to make dreams come true for us and those we work with. To provide our partners with the strategies, tools, and motivation to make their vision a reality, and in turn inspire their audiences too. Oh yeah, we’ll grow your business too.



Our team consists of photographers, videographers, graphic designers, social media strategists, digital marketing experts, copywriters, and website developers.


Julian Castro

Founder, Creative Director

Julian’s philosophy is to work with people and brands that are consistently, “Changing the world in a positive way." He considers himself grateful to help deliver his clients’ stories to the rest of the world.

In 2015, he left his engineering job in the Oil and Gas industry to explore the globe with just a backpack and his camera, and hasn’t looked back since. He now lives his purpose - empowering others to make their dreams come true.

Julian’s artistic process is highly unique in that he passionately commits himself to each of his projects. His method requires him to fully immerse himself into the worlds of his subjects which enables him to authentically capture and tell each of their stories.

Julian’s natural ability to inspire his clients to live their truths further enables them to realize their full potential and impact on the world, which makes Julian a highly sought after visual storyteller.